A Day with Turner and Schoel

Morning Kickoff

The day started bright and early at the Turner & Schoel Inc. office. As an AC technician, my job is to ensure that every customer’s home or business stays comfortable, no matter how high the temperatures soar. After a quick team huddle to review the day’s schedule, I grabbed my toolbox and headed out to the first call.

Beat the Heat

The first stop was a residential Air Conditioner Repair in Tuscaloosa. An elderly couple had reported that their AC unit wasn’t cooling properly, and they were understandably worried about the sweltering Alabama summer. After a thorough inspection, I discovered that the issue was a faulty compressor. With their permission, I promptly ordered a replacement part and scheduled a follow-up visit to complete the repair.

Commercial Comfort

Next up was a commercial Air Conditioner Service call at a local office building in Northport. The facility manager had scheduled a routine maintenance check to ensure their HVAC system was running at peak efficiency. I meticulously cleaned and inspected every component, making minor adjustments where necessary to optimize airflow and energy efficiency.

Lunch Break

After a productive morning, it was time for a well-deserved lunch break. I grabbed a quick bite at a nearby diner and caught up on some paperwork before heading out to the next job.

Residential Respite

The afternoon brought me to a residential customer in Samantha, AL, who had reported that their AC unit wasn’t turning on at all. Upon arrival, I conducted a thorough diagnostic check and discovered that the issue was a tripped circuit breaker. After resetting the breaker and ensuring the system was functioning properly, I provided the homeowner with some tips on how to maintain their unit and prevent future issues.

Wrapping Up

The final call of the day took me to Cottondale, where a small business needed their Air Conditioning system inspected before the summer heat wave hit. I performed a comprehensive check, replacing a few worn-out parts and ensuring that the system was ready to keep their employees and customers comfortable.

As the sun began to set, I headed back to the office, feeling a sense of accomplishment knowing that I had helped make the lives of countless people a little more comfortable, one AC repair or service call at a time.