A Guide to Fun Stuff To Do Near Lockport, NY

Looking for a fantastic day out near Lockport, NY? Let us guide you to exciting activities you can enjoy in Lockport, Newfane, Gasport, South Lockport, East Amherst, and Pendleton, all neighboring communities in the fine state of New York.

Lockport Caves & Underground Boat Ride, Lockport, NY

For an unusual adventure, visit the historic Lockport Caves & Underground Boat Ride. The 70-minute guided tour allows you to explore the man-made cavern via an underground boat. You’ll appreciate Lockport’s rich history, crafted by the Erie Canal’s construction. The experience includes an old canal tunnel made of rock cut by hand and a narrated history of America’s past industrial pioneers.

Olcott Beach Carousel Park, Newfane, NY

Perfect for families, the Olcott Beach Carousel Park in Newfane is a vintage-style amusement park offering classic rides and games. The 1928 Herschell-Spillman two-row carousel is a particular highlight. This lakefront park provides stunning views and a relaxing environment.

Becker Farms, Gasport, NY

In Gasport, the must-visit Becker Farms offers a multitude of enjoyable activities, including berry picking, petting zoos, wine tasting, and more. This 340-acre working fruit and vegetable farm doubles as a unique wedding venue. With its farm-to-table philosophy, Becker Farms provides a fresh and exciting day out for all ages.

Historic Palace Theatre, South Lockport

The Historic Palace Theatre in South Lockport is a community theatre offering a selection of performances throughout the year. This theatre, constructed in 1925, is an architectural marvel, and viewers can’t help but feel transported back in time.

Royalton Ravine County Park, East Amherst, NY

In the town of East Amherst lies Royalton Ravine County Park, an appealing escape for those who love the outdoors. The park offers hiking trails, fishing sites, and picturesque waterfalls, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Pendleton Historical Society, Pendleton, NY

For those passionate about their heritage and history, Pendleton Historical Society is a must-see. The Society offers a museum that houses a robust collection of local artifacts and historical documents capturing the essence of life in Pendleton over the decades.

As you can see, Lockport and its surrounding areas offer plenty of excitement for explorers and history buffs alike. Immerse yourself in the unique local heritage, the beauty of nature, and the joy of community life around these parts. We hope this guide inspires you to make the most of what Lockport and its neighboring communities have to offer.