Amber Mechanical: Your Ultimate DIY HVAC Repair and Maintenance Guide

Homeowners bear a lot of responsibility, including the need to maintain a comfortable and healthy living environment. It’s not uncommon to encounter issues with your air conditioning system or heating service, especially during extreme weather conditions in Palos Heights, IL, Oak Lawn, IL, Homer Glen, IL, Alsip, IL, Lemont, IL & Palos Park, IL. Hence, understanding the basics of HVAC repair and maintenance can be highly beneficial. Here’s your ultimate DIY HVAC repair and maintenance guide, courtesy of Amber Mechanical.

## AC Repair: Common Issues and DIY Fixes

The ability to spot basic air conditioning issues can save you time and unwanted discomfort. Here are a few tips:

1. **AC not cooling** – Clean or replace your AC filters. Dirty filters impede airflow, reducing the unit’s efficiency and cooling capacity.

2. **AC leaking water inside** – Check and clean the condensate drain. Clogs in the drain pipe can cause water to back up into your home.

3. **AC making noise** – Lubricate the motor. A squealing noise might indicate that the motor needs lubrication.

Remember, complex issues should left be to the professional air conditioning company.

## DIY Heating Service Maintenance

For the colder months, it’s imperative to keep your heating service in top shape. Follow these DIY tips:

1. **Check the thermostat** – Make sure it is functioning and set to the right temperature.

2. **Clean or replace air filters** – Much like your AC, a dirty filter will reduce a heating system’s efficiency.

3. **Check for obstructions** – Regularly inspect your system for blockages in vents, registers, and intakes.

4. **Scheduled professional inspection** – Despite your best efforts, always schedule an annual professional inspection. They can identify minor issues before they escalate into larger, more expensive problems.

## HVAC Service and Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC service is equally vital. Here’s what you can do:

1. **Clean or Replace Air Filters** – As outlined before, the importance of clean air filters cannot be overemphasized.

2. **Check Thermostat Settings** – Always ensure your thermostat is set to provide optimal comfort while you’re home and save energy while you’re away.

3. **Tighten Electrical Connections** – Loose connections can be unsafe and reduce the lifespan of your system.

4. **Inspect Condensate Drain** – A plugged condensate drain can cause water damage and affect the humidity levels of your home.

5. **Check System Controls** – Ensure that the system starts, operates and shuts off properly.

The above DIY tips can help you maintain a comfortable home all through the year. However, complicated repairs should always be left to professional HVAC repair services. Amber Mechanical provides top-notch HVAC service in Palos Heights, IL, Oak Lawn, IL, Homer Glen, IL, Alsip, IL, Lemont, IL & Palos Park, IL. Trusting us with your comfort is always a solid choice.