Keeping Homes Cozy A Day in the Life

Morning Routine

As the sun peeks through the windows, I begin my day at Pelles Heating & Cooling Services. After a quick review of the day’s schedule, I gather my tools and hop into the company van, ready to tackle whatever HVAC challenges come my way.

First Stop: Residential Tune-Up

My first appointment is a routine maintenance visit for a loyal customer. I arrive at their cozy suburban home and am greeted by the familiar hum of their aging central air conditioning unit. With a keen eye, I inspect every component, ensuring optimal performance and efficient operation.

  1. Check air filters and replace if necessary
  2. Inspect ductwork for leaks or obstructions
  3. Clean condenser coils and evaporator coils
  4. Calibrate thermostat for accurate temperature control

Lunch Break: Swapping Stories

After a productive morning, I head back to the Pelles office for a well-deserved lunch break. Over sandwiches and friendly banter, my colleagues and I exchange stories from the field, sharing tips and tricks for tackling even the toughest HVAC challenges.

Afternoon Adventure: Furnace Replacement

Refreshed and energized, I set out for my next job – a furnace replacement for a commercial client. Upon arrival, I carefully assess the existing system, taking precise measurements and double-checking specifications. With the help of my trusty apprentice, we carefully remove the old unit and expertly install the new, high-efficiency model.

Wrapping Up the Day

As the sun begins to set, I complete my final paperwork, ensuring all documentation is in order for the day’s jobs. A sense of accomplishment washes over me, knowing that I’ve played a vital role in keeping homes and businesses comfortable and energy-efficient. With a satisfied smile, I head home, already looking forward to the challenges and rewards tomorrow will bring.