When Sparks Fly with Ferran Services in Orlando, Oviedo and Winter Park!

Ever felt a spark during electric repairs that actually didn’t require Cupid’s arrow? We have, and it’s not in the realm of fairytales but in the heart of Ferran Services, the preferred electrician in Orlando, FL. The only time we believe in creating sparks is when we’re performing top-notch electrical repairs, especially in Winter Park, FL!

Can’t stand the Florida heat? No worries, we got you covered (literally)! Our fast and efficient AC repairs in Oviedo, FL are known to create figurative chills and they don’t discriminate – everyone gets the goosebumps!

We at Ferran Services, believe in ‘shock and THAW’. Every sparking wire is a dragon and every failed AC is like winter in ‘Winter Park’. But fear not! Our licensed electricians and AC repair warriors come armed with their magic (read: expertise and professional tools), ready to slay these monsters! The next time you experience the unfortunate ‘game of thrones’ with your electrical appliances or AC units, give us a call.

Remember, Ferran Services equals spark-free yet electrifying services—‘coz we know no other way!