Your Essential DIY Guide for Air Conditioning Service and Repairs

Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months is essential and often relies heavily on the efficiency of your air conditioning (AC) unit. In areas like Samantha, Cottondale, Northport, and Tuscaloosa of Alabama where the heat can be intense, a well-functioning AC is crucial. While professional help from Turner & Schoel is always available for AC replacements, AC installations, and 24-hour AC repairs, there are also simple DIY tips you can follow to keep your AC service running smoothly.

1. Regular Maintenance: Keep a close eye on your AC unit. Regularly remove any debris from around the unit and wipe it down to ensure it’s clean and operating efficiently.

2. Check Your Filters: Regularly inspect your filters. Dirty or clogged filters can severely impact the functionality and efficiency of your system. Cleaning or replacing your filters every few months can improve the air quality of your home, keep your AC functioning properly, and even save you on power costs.

3. Observe for Leaks: Visual inspection for any leaks can help you identify issues early. If you notice pooling water or any other type of leakage around your system, it may be time to call in a professional for a quick AC repair.

4. Assess the Temperature: If your AC isn’t cooling as it should, you might need to check the thermostat to make sure it’s working correctly. A faulty thermostat can often lead to your AC working overtime and can significantly decrease its lifespan.

5. Annual Check-Ups: Even if your system seems to be operating smoothly, you should still have an AC professional perform an annual check-up to avoid unexpected breakdowns.

While these DIY tips can help maintain your AC system, if you’re facing larger issues, such as needing an AC replacement or AC installation, it’s always best to consult a professional. In Cottondale, Northport, Tuscaloosa, and Samantha, AL, Turner & Schoel offer an expert 24-hour AC repair service.
It’s always essential to keep in mind that DIY tips are only suitable for minor checks and measures; major servicing and repairs should be done by professionals to avoid any accidental damage to the AC system.

Taking proactive measures helps increase the lifespan of your AC and allows you to avoid unnecessary hick-ups during the hot summer days. And remember, when DIY maintenance is not enough and reserves its limits, Turner & Schoel is just a call away, ready to offer professional AC services, AC installations, and AC repairs, anytime, anywhere in the vicinity of Samantha, Cottondale, Northport, Tuscaloosa, and Alabama.